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International mobility

Erasmus project

The IRFSS des Hauts de France aims to train professionals opened to the world, autonomous, cooperative, responsible, reflexive, and holders of the Red Cross values.

The entry of nurses and healthcare executives training in the LMD system suggests an organization of the mobility teaching-work experience and its academic recognition. Our partners (ministries, ARS, university, regional councils) promote and help develop partnerships in the framework of the ERASMUS programme.

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Declaration on ERASMUS strategy

Declaration on strategy ERASMUS'IRFSS Nord-Pas-de-Calais has anchored and reported an ambitious European mobility project relevance to the National French Red Cross institutional project: to train professionals open to the world. 

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International partners of our Institute

Mobilité sortante

Les étudiants ou élèves souhaitant bénéficier d'une mobilité dans le cadre de leur cursus de formation devront adresser une candidature qui sera soumise à des critères de sélection.

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The french nursing training

The nursing training period lasts 3 years (6 semesters). 

To obtain the entire diploma (bachelor degree, 180 ECTS), the students must be evaluated and validate 10 skills.

The training consists in an alternance of theoretical courses and work placements.

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In this section you will find the debriefing from European students having done their internship in North of France and from ours students abroad.

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