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The french nursing training

Definition of the French nursing profession

- Evaluate a person’s state of health and analysing the health care situation; developing and defining personalised health care projects; planning, giving and evaluating health care... 

- Provide preventive, curative or palliative health care, aiming to promote, maintain and restore health, 

- Contribute to health education and support for people or groups in their health care pathway in connection with their life plan.

- Operate as part of a multiprofessional team, in institutions and in the home, autonomously and collaboratively.

The 10 skills 

Five "professional core skills":

  • Evaluating a clinical situation and establishing a diagnosis in the field of nursing care
  • Developing and conducting a nursing care project
  • Supporting a person in conducting his daily health care
  • Implementing diagnostic and therapeutic actions
  • Initiating and implementing educative and preventive care

Five "cross-disciplinary" skills, common to certain paramedical professions, which must be validated for the nursing profession:

  • Communicating and conducting a relationship in a health care context
  • Analysing the quality of care and improving one’s professional practice
  • Finding and processing professional and scientific data
  • Organising and coordinating medical interventions
  • Informing and training professionals and people in training

The practical placement

Theoretical disciplines and practical placements are linked to contribute to acquisitions or skills.

Different types of practical placements, students must perform at least one course in each of the course types:

  • Short-term care: public or private institutions, in medical, surgical, obstetric units, etc.
  • Psychiatry and mental health
  • Long-term care and follow-up and rehabilitation care : geriatric units
  • Care in the living environment: at home, at work, in companies, schools, prisons, etc. falls within this category.