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Erasmus project

The objectives :

- contribute to the construction of European identity;

- develop skills that allow a student to move in different countries and seize the opportunity to live and work abroad;

- develop foreign language communication by involving mediation and understanding of other cultures and by developing listening skills, language, reading and writing;

- develop flexibility to adapt faster to the ever-changing world characterized by a greater interaction;

- develop an entrepreneurial and initiative sense enabling  the transition from ideas to action, giving impetus to creativity, innovation and risk-taking as well as the ability to plan and manage  projects and reach institutional and personal goals;

- enable to have experiences in terms of citizenship and intercultural approaches in adapting oneself to new situations;

- enable identity work with social skills (taking of initiatives, self-confidence), thanks to the discovery of oneself and of the other in new situations;

Each student with the Erasmus status may receive a scholarship- he will then be Erasmus allocataire. He may also benefit from  another source of funding (for example regional) or other.

Administrative formalities for Incoming students

If you want to be an Erasmus incoming student at the French Red Cross IRFSS of Nord / Pas-De-Calais, you must first get in touch with the International Relations Office of your home university.

If your home university hasn’t signed an agreement with our French Red Cross  IRFSS of Nord / Pas-De-Calais, please ask an academic coordinator from your university to get in touch with Mr Guffroy, institutional coordinator


Schedule of the alternation of nursing education


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Monthly rates applicable for scholarships

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